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Clinical Psychology:

Clinical psychologists provide a variety of services including assessment, therapy, and consultation. Their work is focused on how people think, feel, and behave and the impact this has on them and on their relationships with others. The clinical psychology services offered at Core Counselling include cognitive assessments and comprehensive, multi-disciplinary autism assessments, which are carried out with a Senior Speech and Language Therapist to meet HSE and Department of Education requirements for service and school recommendations. Parents also have the option of a one-off consultation to discuss any concerns they have regarding their child's emotional/mental wellbeing or behaviour as well as referral pathways for assessment etc. These consultations may include the use of psychometric screening tools (questionnaires) as well as a developmental interview.

Clinical psychologists apply a number of different psychological frameworks in their work. The particular framework a clinician may use depends on the service context, client preferences, research evidence, clinical guidelines, and their own judgement but may include cognitive behaviour, psychodynamic, systemic or integrative frameworks.

Clinical psychologists work with people experiencing a wide range of difficulties. These might include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • adjustment to physical illness
  • neurological disorders
  • addictive behaviours
  • childhood developmental and behaviour disorders
  • personal and family relationship problems


There are many different kinds of psychologist and many routes that clinicians can take in their training. Never be afraid to ask the clinical psychologist meeting you or your child for more information about themselves, as they will be happy to provide you with details of their training, qualifications and experience.

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